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華人雞尾酒教父Aki Wang與亞洲及世界50大酒吧INDULGE團隊 耗時兩年遊歷走訪台灣北、中、南、東、離島各個區域後, 將不同茶園周遭所見、所聽、所聞、所嚐融入雞尾酒之中的體現。本次特選台灣精品思帕可綜合風味氣泡飲及杯具帶給你最優質的居家品飲體驗。


​Aki Wang, acknowledged as the Godfather of Chinese cocktails, and the INDULGE team, a Asia and the World’s 50 Best bar, spent two years traveling and exploring the northern, central, southern, eastern and islands of Taiwan. They then infused and created unique cocktails that reflect what they’ve seen, heard, tasted and learned from different tea plantations. This special selection of Taiwanese boutique “Sparkeau” sparkling water and glassware will bring you high quality experience at home.

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